Why $10 Million is Your Growth Target

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Why should your ultimate goal be $10 million in revenue?

Today, I welcome you to Episode 1 of the BizOwner360, a new B2B Zero to Ten series to guide you as you grow your businesses to $10 million.

If you have been listening to this podcast, you’ll know that the tactics and success stories we share are all for our goal of reaching the $10 million revenue mark.

But why exactly $10 million?

Take a listen as we kick off this very special series.

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Brett Trainor

Brett Trainor My name is Brett Trainor, and I’m a business coach who draws upon more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, demand generation, and customer service to help my clients. I’ve started up my own companies and have also led several startups during those years. I work with an eclectic group of bootstrapping entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome challenges and take their businesses to the next level. Although I primarily work with established startups who are looking to get to the next level, I also work with early-stage startups and large, global corporations. If you’re ready for transformational growth but aren’t sure how to get there, I can help.

Specialties: Startup Growth / Business Coaching / Business Mentor / Business Strategy / Growth Strategy / Startup Mentor

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