Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

For many start-ups and seed companies, building a successful marketing strategy and all of the marketing materials that go with that can be difficult. This often leads to you and your company trying to figure out how to maximize your time and resources for the highest return.

With iQuipt’s customized approach, we decided to create a marketing offer that helps you save your valuable time and resources, while also building consistent sales for your business. To do this, we begin by helping you build a strong marketing foundation that highlights the following items: 

your “IMAGE”

–   Brand Creation (e.g. Logo)
–   Brand Mission/Promise

Your “Success”

–   Revenue Growth
–   Traffic Growth

Your “Focus”

–   Target Markets
–   Buyer Personas

YOUR “Approach”

–    Channel Strategy
–    Differentiation Strategy

Digital Marketing

As a start-up company, your digital presence it vital to success in today’s competitive market. iQuipt provides a full suite of digital services to increase your company’s effectiveness online, such as:

–   Website Design & Development  
–   Search Engine Optimization
–   Blog Creation & Utilization Strategy
–   Landing Page & Call-to-Action Strategy

MAPs and CRMs

We understand that start-up companies need to be lean and efficient. The more efficiency you have, the more time you have to devote to managing your growing business.

Since this is so important, iQuipt will help build and implement a Marketing Automation System and a Customer Relationship Management Tool your company can use to increase efficiency and effectiveness. All of these tools are customized for your company and your budget. 

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